Original Outfit 16 (I’m back)


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I haven’t written a blog post in a long time. It makes me a little sad that I have not been able to write one as I never seem to have the time anymore.

But now I am forcing myself to write them now, as I have so many new ideas and outfits that I should be sharing with you all.

I hope there are going to be a few changes to my blog as I am thinking about doing short videos of outfits and reviews on items. Videos will also appear on the ‘How to’ page frequently.

Also I am fully considering buying myself piggyboots URL and actually owning my own blog which i think is big news.

This outfit was taken at Royal Arsenal which has some amazing views and now considering moving there.

Yellow Mustard Coat - Primark £18

Jeans - Next £25

Blue Satchel Bag - Primark £4

Jacket - H&M £19.99

Shoes - Primark £15

Green Shirt - Risky £5 (SALE)

I still cant believe I got my coat from Primark! But it was such a nice coat i could not say no and the price was ridiculous!

I am loving my very tailored jacket which came from H&M. It is so handy when is a little bit nippy but not cold enough for a coat. Going out for dinner tonight with the girls and I will be wearing the jacket!



I have been away for so long.

The blog is undergoing some new changes and also my laptop broke on me and i havent been able to write my blog!

Also i have been reeeeeaaallllyyy busy. New job and new year at college.

I will be back shortly. This weekend i will do about 4 new post to upload when i can. 🙂

* dont even have my logo picture any more.

FNO Fashion’s Night Out – London


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This was the first time I have been to this event. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after hearing and reading about it I knew that I was going to like it! Shopping late at night with DJ’s and free drinks? That sounds like my kind of fun. I took along my boyfriend and two friends and we all had such a great time!

Firstly we headed to Selfridges as there is so much to see there we knew something good must be happening. We mostly browsed H&M and Monki. I keep going on about how much I adore H&M’s autumn collection!

Amazing Jacket. Which I really wanted to buy!

Cute loose knit mustard colour jumper from Monki.

My favourite item of the night. I love anything that as owls on it and this shirt is amazing! Its not a loud looking shirt considering the pattern. It was only £30.00 which is a bargain and so good for the autumn season .

I did purchase on thing that night. A ring. I know the last of the big spenders! I featured in my H&M autumn collection post. I now actually own it!

I managed to bag two free scarf  with my ring purchase which pleased me as I only spent £3.99 as H&M where giving them away until stocks lasted.

We then moved on to getting some free drinks in Selfridges and having a look at there make up stands. We all had a lovely blueberry cocktail and i managed to get a little cupcake too. Yummy.

MAC where hosting a free makeovers I wanted one but the cue was way to long. I would of had to stand there for the whole night. I loved the idea of it, as sometimes people don’t know how to appreciate good make-up and use it well  (I am definitely one of those people) so getting a makeover with the products is like a lesson as well!

We slowly moved on to the food hall. (surprise surprise) there wasn’t much going on there to be honest but we did eat marrarones which where amazing. Found a box of lucky charms cereal but why would you pay £7.00 for them? Pinkberry had a little band playing for them which was rather amusing for a short while.

Next stop GAP. I hate GAP with a passion but there shop was full with people drinking, dancing and having a good time so we joined in. Free beer, free Coke and free martinies! I didnt even think to look at the clothes after that. They did have a really great DJ and someone important from Vouge but couldnt see exactly who.

Topshop. Okay so they really didn’t do much for this event.. They turned there music up and had a photo booth where you can have picture of yourself in different outfits and then they would pick the best outfit.  I did slowly find myself at the BarryM stand and found some amazing glitter nail varnishes which I will purchase for the Christmas period. Justina bought the most amazing pair of boots in Topshop which made the visit worth it.

Liberty is a shop which I will never go in again unless they host another FNO. We all had such an amazing time in there! It is really expensive and I will never be able to afford any of it. There clothes where amazing and the building was so beautiful! They were promoting a coconut drink which they where making cocktails with.  It was a nice place to socialise and chat as the DJ was on another floor. We cued up for more drinks this time they came in real pineapples rather than glasses which made the experience even more fun. When we where leaving we got given a real flower bracelet which was really nice. (even the boys got one).

I apologize for the rubbish picture but was taken on my phone at the last minute. But had to show you guys the pineapples!

I wish I could of gone to more places but there is so much to see in such a sort amount of time so next year I will be going back again! See the shops I didn’t get to see last time.

H&M Autumn Collection


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H&M Autumn Collection

H M button dress
15 – hm.com

H M flare dress
£15 – hm.com

H M shirts blouse
£20 – hm.com

H m jacket
£30 – hm.com

H&M slimming pants
£15 – hm.com

H&M short shorts
£15 – hm.com

H M flare skirt
£15 – hm.com

H M tulip skirt
£13 – hm.com

H&M platform shoes
£30 – hm.com

H M zipper bag
£25 – hm.com

H M ring
£3.99 – hm.com

Nail Varnish
£0.99 – hm.com

I adore the new collection from H&M and felt like I had to share it with you all. Once I get some money I will most likely be purchasing all these things featured in this post! Orignal outfits will be full of H&M stuff.

The blue nail varnish is the biggest bargain on this post! Blue is the hottest colour for nails this season so if you don’t have the pennies then grab yourself this cute blue nail colour.

The statement ring is a must have and H&M have loads of different ones to suit all. This red one took my fancy as I really like the colour and how flat it is. Would look amazing with the new seasons colours.

Just to let you guys know that I managed to get myself a job at last! I am now currently working at the Picture House in Greenwich! I couldn’t of asked for more! I really excited about starting. I didn’t in the end wear my original outfit 15 in the end. I settled for a my cute little vintage play suit instead.

I really want to purchase the blue blazer with the amazing coloured yellow dress. I think it would be a great autumn piece.

So, my advice would be to get yourself to H&M and grab yourself some amazing clothes for amazing bargains!


Models Own Nail Varnish Is A Must Have


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Models own recently have a massive summer sale which was the best sale I have seen! All you have to do to get 50% off was to buy £20.00 of goodies! Which included all nail varnishes, make-up and tools.

I bought 4 nail varnishes. They have so many colours to chose from it was a hard choice. I think if i had the money I would of bought all the colours!

So I picked

‘Fuzzy Peach’ which is a must have colours for nails this autumn. I really want to try this colour with the leopard print nails!

‘Vintage Pink’ I had to chose this one because I have a big thing for cream and nudes on nails, this pretty pink colour will make even short nails look wonderful!

‘Feeling Blue’ I have a similar colour in BarryM but its running out and this colour is a lot better, as its brighter! This will look lush with the peach colour when doing leopard print nails!

‘Lilac Dream’ I don’t own a lilac colour and haven’t really tried it before so I thought this would be a prime opportunity to get it and see!

I now really cant wait to try all them out and see if I get you guys another post on more nail arty stuff which theses new lush colours.

So thanks Models Own for making my nails look a million dollars! So happy that I got them and will never get another brand of nail varnish again!

If you like what you see then visit the Models Own Website!


Original Outfit Week 15 (Autumn Trend)


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I couldn’t resist buying myself a peter-pan shirt. It is bang on trend this season and You can actually look some what smart in your casual wear. So key items for the autumn?

  • The Blazer – Oh yes! Its back and I cant wait to buy one
  • Anything that is mustard coloured, navy, role blue, any nudes, plum and rich reds.
  • The smart cut dress – Skater dress
  • Pussy bows shirts – Peter pan inspired shirts – Sleeveless shirts
  • Poka dot dresses
  • The desert boot (Heeled or flat)
  • Leather – Jackets, shorts and trousers/leggings (which i love)
  • The maxi skirt with the split

Okay i could go on, but thats enough for now. I have a job interview and I am slightly unsure what to wear, as I think the outfit on this post maybe a little too overdressed for a part time position in a cinema… Here is my fifteenth original outfit!

Black mini skirt - H&M £.5.99

Yellow peter pan style blouse - Newlook £19.99

Oversized coral ring - Primark £3.00

Pearl Lipstick - Maybelline 812 £6.00

Brogues - Peacocks £12

That’s concludes my post for this week. Now seeing these photos I really am liking the new autumn trend! I am going to buy myself a navy blue blazer from H&Mwhen I get some money (well actually when I get a job). So here’s the thing, should i wear this for a part time job interview? I am still thinking it might be too much. But i will keep you updated if I do!

What Stays On Your Face? Maybelline Gel Eye Liner


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I’m sick of buying cheap liquid eye liners. They never last as long a you once hoped, and the brush usually gets all manky and you end up putting eye liner all over your eye lid. I have tired nearly every liquid eye liner in most high-street stores and have never been impressed by any!

But my saviour has come. The gel eye liner.

MAYBELLINE Gel eye liner (Black)

Cost: £7.99 (Just had a quick check on the internet and you can get it a lot cheaper. My price is based on Superdrug’s prices)

What do you get: A eye liner brush and a 10gm pot of gel eye liner. (No instructions though)

How do i use it?

Okay. Its not as complicated as you think. Simply use the brush like you would normally. Take a tiny amount of gel eye liner from the pot and there you go! Its like a normal liquid eye liner! It glides so easily over your eye lids. Takes a while to get use to but you do end up with a cleaner look.

Reasons why I like it and why you should buy it: 

  • It can give you a lighter look and an more intense look depending on how much you put on your brush.
  • You can get the ‘flick’ you have always wanted as the brush lets you addapt your ‘flick’ to how you like it.
  • Its actually more cost affective. There is a lot of gel eye liner in that little pot.
  • It lasts all day long. So no reapplying needed.
  • You can get a neater line. Which is great as this product can be used in so many different ways. It can be used for bottom eye lid too.
  • 01 black really does mean BLACK! Which is great as it dries the colour you put it on rather than drying out and going slightly grey

Product Rating: I am giving this product a 9/10.

So, I really like this product. I am glad that you can now buy it in the highstreets stores, so everyone can have it!

IF you disagree with my rating and opinion i would love to hear from you. I want to give my readers the best all round opinion! So please comment below.

How To: Leopard Print Nails (The more time consuming way)


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I hope that you all enjoyed my last post, and thank you so much to the people who sent me pictures of there leopard pint nails which they learnt from me last week!

This post will show you how to do leopard print nails, but using a different technique, which is slightly more time consuming, but worth it.

You can really be creative with this technique as it will work with any colour you want, as long as there not too similar.

Things you will need:

  • Nail file
  • Base and over coat
  • 3 different colours of nail varnish (One should really be black)
  • Paint brush/Nail effects pen (or do what I did and used an old liquid eye-liner brush)
  • Nail varnish remover
  • Cotton buds.

Step 1: Clean, file and buff your nails. Apply a thin layer of base coat on your nails so they don’t stain. Wait for them to dry.

Step 2: Chose your base colour which should be something lighter than black. I have chosen ‘BarryM 317 Blue Moon’. Paint your nails and see if you need another coat. Paint again if needed.

Step 2

Blue moon BarryM

Step 3: With your second chosen colour carefully place small dots on your nails making sure there is enough distant between them. This can be done in any random way so don’t worry about where the dots go. I have chosen ‘Beauty UK Soft Violet.’ 

Step 3

Violet Beauty UK

Step 4: Once your dots have completely dried, grab your paint brush (or whatever your going to use) and dip it into your black nail varnish. I am using ‘BarryM 47 Black’. Carefully go round your dots be never completely going round the dot try and leave gaps. Look at the picture if you a bit stuck. Once you have gone round every dot wait for them to dry!

Step 4

Black BarryM

Step 5: This style of nail will really need an over coat as it has the tendency to chip. so apply a layer of over coat on the nails and then your done! Perfect leopard print nails! (now to do it on the other hand! Eeek!)

Here is a different array of colours that you can do. As you can see some work better than others but give them all a go and see which ones you like best!

Still not to pricey, but you need to have time to sit down and do it. Also it might not work out great they first time, but keep practising as you will get better! It took me more than 5 attempts to get in right, and i still cant do my left hand very well!

Performing Arts College (What to expect)

Hello my lovelies! Some of you this post wont be of any interest at all. But I am sure that there is some of you out there that will. If your starting at a performing arts college in September you most likely want a little in site into what is it like ect?

I am currently at Millennium Performing Arts and loving every minute of it! So i can tell you a bit about what it is like, from my view. (others might see or feel different about there experience of college)

What to expect:

Expect to work hard. If you impress you teachers straight away then they will most likely like you for the rest of the year.

Expect to go back to basics. In every lesson you will most likely go back to basics. This is so they know what you can and can’t do. Also they want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. This will snap you out of bad habits. I was really glad that they go back to basics, as i realised that I really didn’t know how to turn out in ballet, or do anything correctly!

Expect long days. This kind of course is not your normal college course. Going in three times a week for a few hours is not going to happen! Every day half eight till six would be the maxim hours.

Expect to be tired all the time. The key is not to show it. You will get use to the work load and how much sleep you actually need. The first term is where you will realise that you are just so tired and need a good break.

Expect to get push. What is the point in you going to college if noone is going to shout at you or tell you what your doing wrong. Remember your there to learn, get the most out of it.

Expect extra little thing you have to pay for. At my college I have to pay for a private singing lesson, around £20 or half an hour. Photocopying. Physio and other injury problems. Enrolment if you are wanting to do the Trinity diploma which is around the £100 mark. There could be more but I can’t remember.

Expect to get injured. Most injuries are common in first year as your learning to work your body in a different way or you have been doing things wrong in the first place.

Will i like it? No one can really tell if there going to like performing arts college, some people simply don’t like it, for whatever reasons they have and decided to leave. Home sickness is a big issue which can cause you to not enjoy college as much as you hoped. Some people realize this is not what they actually want to do. You really just have to give it a go and see.

I hope none of this puts you off going to college, because it is honestly the best thing I have done.

Please comment if you have any questions!! Or email me at piggyboots@gmail.com

How To: Leopard Print Nails (The easy way)


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Everyone knows I love nail varnish.

But sometimes I get a bit sick of just painting my nails one colour. So I was looking for a cheap way to jazz up my nails. I have wanted to buy the Models own nail pen for a while, so in absence of this, here’s a cheaper alternative. I had bought the BarryM nail effects a while back in a BarryM 2 for £5 deal. All I needed now was a gold nail varnish. This buy was harder to find than I first thought as no high-street brand had a gold nail varnish. I guess gold is not in any more, or was it ever ‘in’ ?

After traipsing around Woolwich for any store that sells make up of some sort. Eventually I found a small little shop that sells  ‘Beauty UK – Glam Nails‘. I have never heard of it but they actually had a gold! Maybe not 100% the right colour but it had to do.

Wild Nails How To:

Step 1:

Clean, buff and file nails to suitable length. Paint your nails with a base coat so they don’t stain.

Step 2:

Next just simply paint your nails with ‘Beauty UK – Glam Nails Gold’ nail varnish. Wait for that to dry and you will most likely need another coat.

Step 2

Beauty UK Gold Nail Varnish

Step 2

Step 3:

Grab your ‘Barry M Nails Effect Black’ and carefully paint over the gold coat. (Mine has gone rather thick and globby so i found this rather hard to make look good.) DO NOT paint over it again it wont work!  Wait until the nail effects varnish has cracked over the gold varnish.

Step 3

BarryM Nail Effect - Black

Step 4:

Now clean up any bit of nail vanish that is around the nail, and paint a clear over coat, this should help it from chipping. Then your done! Quick and easy.

This can take up 10 minutes so great for a night out. Such an easy way to give your nails a make over, and it’s very cheap. The gold nail varnish only cost me £1.99! Cheap as chips!

Got more time on your hands? Well at some point this month I will be doing another leopard print nail ‘How to’ which takes a little more time and effect, and also costs a little more.

Give the wild nail look a go for a £5 (which can be done again, and again and again…) who would ever want to go the salon again?

NOTE; Check out http://www.modelsownit.com/blog/ for some inspiration and also for lush colours! Also ‘LIKE’ there page on facebook. They need 50,000 ‘likes’ then everyone gets 50% off!