New to this.

This is my first ever post and I have been rather excited about writing it. I think I will tell you a little bit about what this blog is about.

This blog will include;

Fashion – I will try and post a fashion article at least twice a week about what I’m wearing this season and how you can look good on a budget. Also I would love to know what you guys are wearing too, and I will try and pick someone a week who as inspired me.

Dance – I am currently at a full time dance college and I love to share my thoughts about college ans student life. Also I will do a fashion side to this section as I will be trying out the best dance wear and fashion accessories out there to make you look good.

Student Life – This section is for me to moan in about money issues and how I find it hard to have a good time while working my ass off at college. This will include the best way to manage time, and how to get some money in your back pockets while doing a full week at college.

I want you guys to participate in this blog as much as I do.

Comments and Questions are welcome.