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I have been lucky enough to have a boyfriend

Who has been buying me some vintage clothes recently, and I am slowly falling in love with the old quirkiness they have. The lovely thing about vintage is that there is usually only one left, so this means an original outfit without the designer tag it once had.

Most vintage clothes have such personalities and one piece can really make your outfit go bang. I know vintage is just old grannies clothes, but if you hunt around you will find something nice. Vintage usually has the designer label and it is always good quality.

Vintage Outfit

So is it cool to shop in Oxfam ? I believe so. But on the other hand there are shop that just deal with vintage and you will find  loads on the internet and maybe one in your town/city.  Here are some website that I recommend, as they usually have some good quality stuff. http://www.myvintage.co.uk/default.aspx and http://www.beyondretro.com/. This weekend I will be popping in to my local charity shop to see what I can pick up  so I will be doing another vintage blog later on. But first, here is an outfit that I have put together, some vintage some not and I hope you get some ideas and run to oxfam!


Both Jumper and Head tie – Somewhere in Edinburgh.

Shoes -Peacocks £10 Socks - Only Bowls - £5.36

Jeggings - Primark £10

I’m really in love with this outfit, and I really cant wait to find some more bargains in the charity shops!

Also I will find out for everyone what the shop is actually called in Edinburgh.