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Recently my mother

Has been going knit crazy and she desperately wanted to knit something for me. I didn’t much like this idea and I believed that knitwear was cool if you bought it from Topshop , but letting my mum knit some old granny style cardigan I new this would be social suicide.

But despite the lack of enthusiasm I went of to Barrets to buy some wool, buttons and a knitting pattern that I liked. And three weeks later my mother had completed the cardigan.

The cardigan was beautiful! I tried it on and loved it, and the fact that it was made by her made it even more special. The detail is amazing compared to a cardigan made by a machine at your favourite clothes outlet. And it cost ten times less than buying a hand knit cardigan from a clothes store. I am going to ask my mother to knit me another cardigan because there warm and can look nice other your going out clothes when its cold.

Here is the cardigan my mother knitted it only cost £15 to make (and love and care).

So maybe now you might fancy starting to learn to knit? Or maybe you already have a mother who can. So get the knitting needles out and make your own knitwear that will guarantee to impress others.