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Valentines day.

I have been lucky enough to spend a weekend at home with my boyfriend. This outfit is my chosen valentines outfit, which I did wear while walking around Grafham Water. It was a little bit to muddy for my liking so now I’m going to have to de-mud my shoes.

Playsuits are slowly but surely becoming a regular thing on our stands in the high-street shops and I like it!  I do find one problem this piece, it has very small buttons, which can make going to the toilet rather difficult as it takes half an hour to get all the buttons undone. I would appreciate a zip! So I am reconsidering wearing this out clubbing with the girls.

Playsuit - Urban Outfitters £55 (SALE £33)

Tights - Peacocks £6

Bangles - Diamonds and Pearls - £10

Belt - ASOS £15


Nice new pictures which really now show its true colour. I apologize for the shit photos yesterday!

So keep looking back as the pictures might change which will give you a better idea of the colours.