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I get board of my hairstyle way to quickly meaning constant looking around for hairstyles nearly every 3 months and its not easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

This time I decided to get the chop, and cut of all my hair. As my hair ended in such bad condition from always having my hair up for college. There is a slight problem though, what if I get board of this one, and it takes years to grow out!

I decided to go for the asymmetric bob as seen on Rihanna and Kimberly Caldwell.

Also I got it dyed again as wanting to have bright red hair all the time doesn’t come easy or cheap! But I think this help me like my new hair even better as everything will feel new.


I have been told its makes me look a lot older, I’m never sure if that’s good thing or not. Since only being 18, I guess looking older isn’t too bad.

My left side needs to grow a little bit longer, to get a better asymmetric line. But I’m bloody happy how its turned out. I love the red as it has given me a few lighter red highlights which breaks up a solid colour.


I did find a really interesting product which is a wash in, wash out red hair colour, which was only a £1 from Wilkinson. So if you fancy going red sometime these little kits are ideal. A product from Wella shades and toners. You can get them in Blonde, Brunette and red. They only last 3 washes though so don’t think there going to be a permanent colour.


P.S I also apologize for wearing my vintage jumper in one photo (as you have seen it before), but this is the only thing i have left to wear as everything is in the wash since I’m at home the week.