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This Saturday I attened

The biggest event of the dancing world. Move it! Everyone from around the UK and Ireland come together to celebrate the world of dance at London Olympia. The event lasts 4 days, starts Thurday ends Saturday and is always in March. There are performances, stalls where you can buy all your dance wear, and college stands where all the top performing arts college try and sell there school to the up coming auditionies.

They also offer classes and workshops where you can strut your stuff with famous choreographers, dancers and celebrities. But I didn’t do any workshops or classes, I just mooched around for most of the day.

It was a lovely sunny day on Saturday which was a bit of a shame as I was inside most of the day, But it did mean i got to wear my floral playsuit which some black thick tights.

Floral Playsuit – £15.00 Boohoo

Tights – £6.00 Peacocks

Socks- £5.00 Wilkinsons

Here are a few pictures from my experiences at move it!

This was the view of the whole venue from right at the back, it really does show how big it is! You can just about see the main stage.

The ‘ Got to dance’ winner was there Akai who is so little, but he stayed the whole day to sign T-shits saying ‘I love Akai’ all the young girls where going crazy, but I wouldn’t blame them, I was a little starstruck too!

This little stage that you can just see to the right is the ‘Freestyle Stage’ where quite a lot of young children got up on the stage and started freestyling to the public, most of it was really cute and a little blonde boy danced for about 15 mins and wouldn’t get off the stage!

These are just a few stalls I managed to take photo’s off, and I really did like the Sansha gold lighting it was a really nice effect on there stall, also the dance aid stall, well what can I say its all for a really good cause!

I was the most starstruck when I got to hug and have a photo with Angelina Ballerina. She had her own stall representing her dance academy! I was a little jealous as I really wanted to dress up as Angelina! She was so cute! Also my little jacket is from Newlook, and it cost £16.

The first picture shows Urdang Acadamy performing a jazz dance which had some ballroom influences. Picture two was an interesting dance troupe called Guys in Sync where it was a gay group and they do ballroom, but the partners are not boy girl they are just boy boy! The third picture is of Strike Urdang’s all boy dance troupe where the costumes where designed by Lady Gaga’s Designer! The next picture number four is of street dance company ‘Street dance XXL’ Where they dance street/hiphop to very diverse music like dubstep and electronicia. The final picture if of Britain’s got talent stars ‘Twist and Pulse’ I have to say, I bloody love theses guy, and really wanted to have a signed T-shit from them but the cue was about 40 miles long, and my feet hurt! They were incredible and I would still like there T-Shit!

There was also the Famouse Vincent and Flavia who are both on BBC ‘Strictly come dancing’ and they performed and got interviewed on the Big dance sofa!

Another thing that happens to me was that a modelling agency scouted me and wanted pictures, i can say that i was looking mega amazing on that day, and also they took a picture of me on there digital camera and wouldn’t let me look at the photo, I’m sure it was horrendous!

I got given so many flyers sometimes I got given them 4 to 5 times, my bag was full of them when I got home. But I did get some free stuff, mostly food like Maoam’s and Haribo, also there were some chocolate eggs on one stall and I took about 5! The woman on the stall was not impressed! I did also manage to get a free T-shirt which says ‘ Mashed potato’ Not sure why but I will be wearing it do bed i think!

All in all I had a really good day, and would advise anyone who likes dancing to go next year!

I have to say a little thank you to Matt, as he did take some pictures for me of the performances as I was too short.

Next week I will be doing my version of Bold and Brights! So keep a look out for that!