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Being on the stage Does mean red lips all the time. But now I am seeing it everywhere! Which is rather exciting as adore red lips. This season the catwalk as gone crazy for the pastel colours – light violets and pinks which is sweeping all our clothes and accessories. But for some reason the red lipstick is fighting back! I bought a magazine called Nylon which is American based. It has so really good fashion ideas and helps you keep in touch with the forever moving catwalk. I found this article called ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ Photographs by Brook Nipar Stylist James Rosenthal. It inspired me to write this article about how bold its back!

I have always been scared of bright red lipstick and I’m sure some of you are too. Everyone worries that you will end up like a clown and rub if off straight after you have applied it. It doesn’t have to be BRIGHT red, as this year lip tints are on our drug store shelves which can give you a more natural look when wearing red. I found that Max Factor do a nice shade in  Royal Plum which is less subtle if your not 100% confident with the brightest red. This is one of my favourite red lipstick as it has such a rich red colour and it also moisturises your lips too which is an added bonus a sometimes I find that lipstick dries out my lips.

You can find ‘all for eve’ products on http://www.lookfantastic.com as they have a fantastic range of cosmetics but its not the cheapest make up you can get so remember that.

I tend not to wear a lot of make-up when wearing red lipstick as I do start to feel slightly over made up, so casual black eye-liner a lot of  mascara and little blusher and your ready for a night out.

Scared of red?

Okay another alternative that is very much in this season to is the coral orange. I have found the best one of the high-street which is the MAC Neon Orange shade.

Still too much?

Perfere pink shades that are not so in your face? Light pink is another popular season colour for lips.  So I have found 2 products that are reasonably priced as one is priced at £1! First one GOSH Tropical Pink, second one Make up academy Shade 4.

So I hope you can now find your favourite lipstick colour whatever it may be!