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I remember my first pair of Brogues,

I purchased them when they weren’t in fashion and I got them in the sale for about £4.00 as no one seemed to be buying them.

The quality of my £4.00 Brogues isn’t amazing and I want to find the perfect pair of Brogues.

What makes a Brogue Desirable

There are several delicious  reasons that make the Brogue such an appealing shoe of choice.

  • Flat easier to wear shoe
  • Comfortable
  • Goes with anything skirts to trousers
  • Unisex shoe
  • Take on masculine ‘Dandy’ wear
  • An all season shoe

What Brogue style suits you?

Who knew there were different style of brogues, its seems confusing but really there all made from the same shoe just patterns are variable.

Full brogues (Wing-tips) Fig1. –  A pointed toe cap with a wing like shape. Decorated with a smaller perforated platform.

Semi brogues Fig2. – The toe cap has an perforated design or pattern that can either run along the toe cap, or around the top cap. These are the more casual version of an Oxford.

Quarter brogues Fig3. – The toe cap doesn’t have any detail what so ever. We know these as an Oxford brogue.

Full Brogue (Wing-tips)

Semi Brogues

Quarter Brogues (Oxford shoe)

So what brogues are in fashion right now?

Heeled wing-tip brogue (Office)

Suede Quarter Brogue (ASOS)


Slip on brogue style shoe. (Schuh)

Coral coloured brogue (Office)


Flowered detailed brogues (Misguided - £15.99)

The best places to purchase them

Almost everywhere are selling them, from high-street to high end outlet. So it does really depend on how much you want to spend.

The best places I have found of the web are;

Office Shoes – prices range from £20.00 – £80.00

ASOS -£20.00 – £100.00

Missguided -£13.00-£30.00

Schuh – £30.00 – £72

Best places on the high street;

H&M £15.00-£30.00

Topshop £30.00

Peacocks £8.00 – £22.00

Primark -£10.00

Really want some Oxfords?

Shoes.com £30.00 -£80.00

Amazon £13.00 – £50.00

Aldo Shoes £40.00 -£90.00

I hope you have learnt enough about brogues to feel confident to buy them for yourselves.

I cant wait to buy the perfect pair of brogues, I think I might even buy two pairs.