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Recently I have found some really amazing eye pallets. ‘Sleek’ make-up is unbelievably cheap an amazing! I love how easy the eye pallets are to use, and also there is amazing amount of colours that all look amazing with each other.

The eye shadow is mineral based and is waterproof . The colours are so bright and actually come out the colour you see in the pallet. It will last all day without them slipping off your face even when sweating.

Five reasons to buy this eye pallet.

  • It’s extremely cheap for what you get.
  • Its mineral based
  • The eye-shadow will stay on all day, so no replying is needed.
  • Choice of amazing colours
  • Easy to apply
  • Waterproof

Sleek Original Eye Pallet. 12 colours.

Only £6.49

Close up on 6 of the colours.

The other side of the pallet

 Every single colour can work with each other which makes this pallet a must have. I have taken some pictures of how you can wear them, but I do apologize about the lack of make up else where on my face. I got locked out of my house yesterday, so this is who I look when I woke up.

How the colours come out

Dark colour 3rd from the left top row. Light colour 1st on the left bottom row.


Blue 4th from the left top tow. Bronze 4th the left bottom row.


Pink 3rd from the left bottom row, Green 6th from the left top row.

So you can see what they look like, so what are you waiting for?

Where can I buy this product?

  • I bought my from Superdrug, but check online to see if they stock them in your nearest store, or shop online.
  • Sleek website. www.sleekmakeup.com
  • Small beauty salons
  • Anywhere on the internet.
£6.49 is more than a bargin for this product, I am totally in love with it!


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