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Everyone knows I love nail varnish.

But sometimes I get a bit sick of just painting my nails one colour. So I was looking for a cheap way to jazz up my nails. I have wanted to buy the Models own nail pen for a while, so in absence of this, here’s a cheaper alternative. I had bought the BarryM nail effects a while back in a BarryM 2 for £5 deal. All I needed now was a gold nail varnish. This buy was harder to find than I first thought as no high-street brand had a gold nail varnish. I guess gold is not in any more, or was it ever ‘in’ ?

After traipsing around Woolwich for any store that sells make up of some sort. Eventually I found a small little shop that sells  ‘Beauty UK – Glam Nails‘. I have never heard of it but they actually had a gold! Maybe not 100% the right colour but it had to do.

Wild Nails How To:

Step 1:

Clean, buff and file nails to suitable length. Paint your nails with a base coat so they don’t stain.

Step 2:

Next just simply paint your nails with ‘Beauty UK – Glam Nails Gold’ nail varnish. Wait for that to dry and you will most likely need another coat.

Step 2

Beauty UK Gold Nail Varnish

Step 2

Step 3:

Grab your ‘Barry M Nails Effect Black’ and carefully paint over the gold coat. (Mine has gone rather thick and globby so i found this rather hard to make look good.) DO NOT paint over it again it wont work!  Wait until the nail effects varnish has cracked over the gold varnish.

Step 3

BarryM Nail Effect - Black

Step 4:

Now clean up any bit of nail vanish that is around the nail, and paint a clear over coat, this should help it from chipping. Then your done! Quick and easy.

This can take up 10 minutes so great for a night out. Such an easy way to give your nails a make over, and it’s very cheap. The gold nail varnish only cost me £1.99! Cheap as chips!

Got more time on your hands? Well at some point this month I will be doing another leopard print nail ‘How to’ which takes a little more time and effect, and also costs a little more.

Give the wild nail look a go for a £5 (which can be done again, and again and again…) who would ever want to go the salon again?

NOTE; Check out http://www.modelsownit.com/blog/ for some inspiration and also for lush colours! Also ‘LIKE’ there page on facebook. They need 50,000 ‘likes’ then everyone gets 50% off!