Hello my lovelies! Some of you this post wont be of any interest at all. But I am sure that there is some of you out there that will. If your starting at a performing arts college in September you most likely want a little in site into what is it like ect?

I am currently at Millennium Performing Arts and loving every minute of it! So i can tell you a bit about what it is like, from my view. (others might see or feel different about there experience of college)

What to expect:

Expect to work hard. If you impress you teachers straight away then they will most likely like you for the rest of the year.

Expect to go back to basics. In every lesson you will most likely go back to basics. This is so they know what you can and can’t do. Also they want to make sure that you are doing it correctly. This will snap you out of bad habits. I was really glad that they go back to basics, as i realised that I really didn’t know how to turn out in ballet, or do anything correctly!

Expect long days. This kind of course is not your normal college course. Going in three times a week for a few hours is not going to happen! Every day half eight till six would be the maxim hours.

Expect to be tired all the time. The key is not to show it. You will get use to the work load and how much sleep you actually need. The first term is where you will realise that you are just so tired and need a good break.

Expect to get push. What is the point in you going to college if noone is going to shout at you or tell you what your doing wrong. Remember your there to learn, get the most out of it.

Expect extra little thing you have to pay for. At my college I have to pay for a private singing lesson, around £20 or half an hour. Photocopying. Physio and other injury problems. Enrolment if you are wanting to do the Trinity diploma which is around the £100 mark. There could be more but I can’t remember.

Expect to get injured. Most injuries are common in first year as your learning to work your body in a different way or you have been doing things wrong in the first place.

Will i like it? No one can really tell if there going to like performing arts college, some people simply don’t like it, for whatever reasons they have and decided to leave. Home sickness is a big issue which can cause you to not enjoy college as much as you hoped. Some people realize this is not what they actually want to do. You really just have to give it a go and see.

I hope none of this puts you off going to college, because it is honestly the best thing I have done.

Please comment if you have any questions!! Or email me at piggyboots@gmail.com