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I’m sick of buying cheap liquid eye liners. They never last as long a you once hoped, and the brush usually gets all manky and you end up putting eye liner all over your eye lid. I have tired nearly every liquid eye liner in most high-street stores and have never been impressed by any!

But my saviour has come. The gel eye liner.

MAYBELLINE Gel eye liner (Black)

Cost: £7.99 (Just had a quick check on the internet and you can get it a lot cheaper. My price is based on Superdrug’s prices)

What do you get: A eye liner brush and a 10gm pot of gel eye liner. (No instructions though)

How do i use it?

Okay. Its not as complicated as you think. Simply use the brush like you would normally. Take a tiny amount of gel eye liner from the pot and there you go! Its like a normal liquid eye liner! It glides so easily over your eye lids. Takes a while to get use to but you do end up with a cleaner look.

Reasons why I like it and why you should buy it: 

  • It can give you a lighter look and an more intense look depending on how much you put on your brush.
  • You can get the ‘flick’ you have always wanted as the brush lets you addapt your ‘flick’ to how you like it.
  • Its actually more cost affective. There is a lot of gel eye liner in that little pot.
  • It lasts all day long. So no reapplying needed.
  • You can get a neater line. Which is great as this product can be used in so many different ways. It can be used for bottom eye lid too.
  • 01 black really does mean BLACK! Which is great as it dries the colour you put it on rather than drying out and going slightly grey

Product Rating: I am giving this product a 9/10.

So, I really like this product. I am glad that you can now buy it in the highstreets stores, so everyone can have it!

IF you disagree with my rating and opinion i would love to hear from you. I want to give my readers the best all round opinion! So please comment below.