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I couldn’t resist buying myself a peter-pan shirt. It is bang on trend this season and You can actually look some what smart in your casual wear. So key items for the autumn?

  • The Blazer – Oh yes! Its back and I cant wait to buy one
  • Anything that is mustard coloured, navy, role blue, any nudes, plum and rich reds.
  • The smart cut dress – Skater dress
  • Pussy bows shirts – Peter pan inspired shirts – Sleeveless shirts
  • Poka dot dresses
  • The desert boot (Heeled or flat)
  • Leather – Jackets, shorts and trousers/leggings (which i love)
  • The maxi skirt with the split

Okay i could go on, but thats enough for now. I have a job interview and I am slightly unsure what to wear, as I think the outfit on this post maybe a little too overdressed for a part time position in a cinema… Here is my fifteenth original outfit!

Black mini skirt - H&M £.5.99

Yellow peter pan style blouse - Newlook £19.99

Oversized coral ring - Primark £3.00

Pearl Lipstick - Maybelline 812 £6.00

Brogues - Peacocks £12

That’s concludes my post for this week. Now seeing these photos I really am liking the new autumn trend! I am going to buy myself a navy blue blazer from H&Mwhen I get some money (well actually when I get a job). So here’s the thing, should i wear this for a part time job interview? I am still thinking it might be too much. But i will keep you updated if I do!