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H&M Autumn Collection

H M button dress
15 – hm.com

H M flare dress
£15 – hm.com

H M shirts blouse
£20 – hm.com

H m jacket
£30 – hm.com

H&M slimming pants
£15 – hm.com

H&M short shorts
£15 – hm.com

H M flare skirt
£15 – hm.com

H M tulip skirt
£13 – hm.com

H&M platform shoes
£30 – hm.com

H M zipper bag
£25 – hm.com

H M ring
£3.99 – hm.com

Nail Varnish
£0.99 – hm.com

I adore the new collection from H&M and felt like I had to share it with you all. Once I get some money I will most likely be purchasing all these things featured in this post! Orignal outfits will be full of H&M stuff.

The blue nail varnish is the biggest bargain on this post! Blue is the hottest colour for nails this season so if you don’t have the pennies then grab yourself this cute blue nail colour.

The statement ring is a must have and H&M have loads of different ones to suit all. This red one took my fancy as I really like the colour and how flat it is. Would look amazing with the new seasons colours.

Just to let you guys know that I managed to get myself a job at last! I am now currently working at the Picture House in Greenwich! I couldn’t of asked for more! I really excited about starting. I didn’t in the end wear my original outfit 15 in the end. I settled for a my cute little vintage play suit instead.

I really want to purchase the blue blazer with the amazing coloured yellow dress. I think it would be a great autumn piece.

So, my advice would be to get yourself to H&M and grab yourself some amazing clothes for amazing bargains!