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This was the first time I have been to this event. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after hearing and reading about it I knew that I was going to like it! Shopping late at night with DJ’s and free drinks? That sounds like my kind of fun. I took along my boyfriend and two friends and we all had such a great time!

Firstly we headed to Selfridges as there is so much to see there we knew something good must be happening. We mostly browsed H&M and Monki. I keep going on about how much I adore H&M’s autumn collection!

Amazing Jacket. Which I really wanted to buy!

Cute loose knit mustard colour jumper from Monki.

My favourite item of the night. I love anything that as owls on it and this shirt is amazing! Its not a loud looking shirt considering the pattern. It was only £30.00 which is a bargain and so good for the autumn season .

I did purchase on thing that night. A ring. I know the last of the big spenders! I featured in my H&M autumn collection post. I now actually own it!

I managed to bag two free scarf  with my ring purchase which pleased me as I only spent £3.99 as H&M where giving them away until stocks lasted.

We then moved on to getting some free drinks in Selfridges and having a look at there make up stands. We all had a lovely blueberry cocktail and i managed to get a little cupcake too. Yummy.

MAC where hosting a free makeovers I wanted one but the cue was way to long. I would of had to stand there for the whole night. I loved the idea of it, as sometimes people don’t know how to appreciate good make-up and use it well  (I am definitely one of those people) so getting a makeover with the products is like a lesson as well!

We slowly moved on to the food hall. (surprise surprise) there wasn’t much going on there to be honest but we did eat marrarones which where amazing. Found a box of lucky charms cereal but why would you pay £7.00 for them? Pinkberry had a little band playing for them which was rather amusing for a short while.

Next stop GAP. I hate GAP with a passion but there shop was full with people drinking, dancing and having a good time so we joined in. Free beer, free Coke and free martinies! I didnt even think to look at the clothes after that. They did have a really great DJ and someone important from Vouge but couldnt see exactly who.

Topshop. Okay so they really didn’t do much for this event.. They turned there music up and had a photo booth where you can have picture of yourself in different outfits and then they would pick the best outfit.  I did slowly find myself at the BarryM stand and found some amazing glitter nail varnishes which I will purchase for the Christmas period. Justina bought the most amazing pair of boots in Topshop which made the visit worth it.

Liberty is a shop which I will never go in again unless they host another FNO. We all had such an amazing time in there! It is really expensive and I will never be able to afford any of it. There clothes where amazing and the building was so beautiful! They were promoting a coconut drink which they where making cocktails with.  It was a nice place to socialise and chat as the DJ was on another floor. We cued up for more drinks this time they came in real pineapples rather than glasses which made the experience even more fun. When we where leaving we got given a real flower bracelet which was really nice. (even the boys got one).

I apologize for the rubbish picture but was taken on my phone at the last minute. But had to show you guys the pineapples!

I wish I could of gone to more places but there is so much to see in such a sort amount of time so next year I will be going back again! See the shops I didn’t get to see last time.